We’ve been sealing driveways and parking lots for over 30 years!

It is time to call Black Velvet Seal Coating & Paving to come seal your driveway or parking lot.

Black Velvet Seal Coating & Paving is a full-service driveway maintenance company. From hot crack filling to sealcoating to pothole repairs, we have you covered!

After you call us for a free estimate, we will come meet you and go over your exact sealcoating needs. When it is time for us to come take care of your property, you can be sure that from beginning to finish, the job will be done the correct way.

We have been chosen the Post Star’s Best Of The Region, for driveway maintenance year after year for a reason. We make sure your driveway looks beautiful when we leave your property. 

That’s why you call Black Velvet Seal Coating & Paving, you get the guarantee that you are paying for.


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Asphalt Sealcoating is a critical part of driveway and parking lot maintenance. Having your driveway sealed will not only beautify your property but also protect from the harsh elements of the environment.

Between the rain and the UV rays from the sun, they can take a toll on untreated asphalt. We suggest getting on a regular routine making sure your driveway is sealed and any cracks that may form are filled with hot crack filler tar.


Black Velvet Seal Coating & Paving has the right equipment to get your driveway or parking lot hot crack filled, sealed and striped. No matter how big or small the job is, we will make sure we get it done in your time frame and it gets done right!

Black Velvet Seal Coating & Paving paves asphalt sealcoating services in Queensbury NY, Glens Falls NY, South Glens Falls NY, Gansevoort NY, Saratoga Springs NY & Surrounding Areas.

How Long Does Sealcoat Take To Dry?

Sealer usually dries within a few hours of being applied. It’s the curing time that you have to wait for. You usually need a minimum of 24 hours for the sealer to be fully dried, cured and read for use. 

With that being said, if the area has a lot of shade, or it is a cold day of the year, it may take longer.

How Much Does Sealcoating Cost?

Pricing can vary quite a bit when having your parking lot or driveway sealed. When we come out to give you a free estimate, we will take a few things into consideration.

How long it has been since the pavement was last sealed.

How many cracks will need hot tar crack filling.

How much prep work is needed before we can apply the sealer.

How Often Should You Sealcoat Your Driveway?

Initially, you’ll want to make sure you hire a reputable company to seal your parking lot or driveway that way you get the best quality product. After your driveway is sealed for the first time, you should be able to go about 2-3 years after before needing it sealed again.

This does depend on how much traffic your driveway or parking lot deals with and how well it is maintained. The winter months can take a toll on a parking lot with all the sand from snowplowing.

What Is Hot Crack Filling?

Hot Crack Filling is a tar that is heated up to around 120 degrees, so it melts down and is able to run into the cracks. It is applied to the cracks, filling the center and forming a Band-Aid style adherent to the pavement. 

Cracks can get water in them from melting snow and rain during the cold months. When this happens and the water freezes, it pushes on the blacktop causing the crack to expand and sometimes even cause pot holes. Hot Tar helps prevent that issue and saves the life of your pavement. 

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