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We’ve been paving parking lot’s and commercial properties for over 30 years!


“This is the crew you want. My new driveway looks amazing. I coudn’t be happier with the work or crew. Both were outstanding. Highly recommended. – Wade Moulton


Black Velvet Seal Coating & Paving has the dump trucks and equipment to get your paved and striped, no matter how big or small. With every commercial job, we go above and beyond to make sure that it works best for you and your customers.

Black Velvet Seal Coating & Paving paves commercial parking lots in Queensbury NY, Glens Falls NY, South Glens Falls NY, Gansevoort NY, Saratoga Springs NY & Surrounding Areas.

Black Velvet Seal Coating & Paving offers quality commercial paving services. From Parking Lots to Golf Carts Paths, we take every step possible to make sure the job is done correctly every time.

Black Velvet Seal Coating & Paving has the experience to handle anything from a small commercial lot to massive parking areas and roadways.

Whether you just need a speed bump installed, patch work in your parking lot or a complete re-pave of your property, we will get the job done for you.

When you call Black Velvet Seal Coating & Paving to come pave your parking lot or other commercial property, you’re getting over 30 years of experience. This means that any issue that might arise under your asphalts surface, we have the experience to take care of the problem.

We have been chosen the Post Star’s Best Of The Region, year after year for a reason. We make sure our commercial customers are always satisfied before we leave the jobsite every time!

how much does asphalt paving cost?

The price of having your commercial parking area paved with asphalt varies because there are so many variables and different options. Some property owners can get away with just having an asphalt layer laid directly over top of their existing parking lot as long as the existing asphalt is still in ok condition. A lot of the times though, customers need to have their parking areas completely taken out and a new base put in before installing the new commercial lot. The thickness of the stone base and asphalt depend a lot on the type of ground you are in. For example, in an area with a lot of clay you’re going to want to put a thicker stone base with road fabric to help stiffen the ground where the pavement will be installed.

What is asphalt paving?

Asphalt consists of different types of materials. It includes aggregates, binder, and filler. When all this is mixed together and heated up to over 350 degrees, it makes what we call asphalt. Once the asphalt is produced, then we have to lay the asphalt which would be what then becomes your parking lot. The process of laying the asphalt in your parking lot takes a lot of work. Commercial properties have to be paved thick enough to withstand vehicles driving across them and have the correct grade to keep water running off the parking area and away from your building.

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